Can I order food delivery with PayPal?

Generally, that depends on the restaurant. Most of our restaurants accept PayPal as payment method, along with many other payment options. The easiest way you can determine whether a restaurant accepts PayPal is by heading on to the checkout page. In the checkout page, there will be several payment options listed. These are the options accepted by the restaurant, and if you can see PayPal among that list, you’re good to go! As always, we continuously encourage our partner restaurants to keep adding different payment options so that you can pay at your convenience. So far, we have been successful in getting most restaurants to accept PayPal, so that you can pay with PayPal for online food orders. In addition to PayPal, we also managed to get our partner restaurants to accept credit cards, cash on delivery, and several other methods. If you’re thinking of paying with PayPal and happen to have any voucher codes, then you’re in luck! We allow voucher codes to be applied for online payment methods, such as credit card and PayPal. Don’t have any discount codes? Just make sure that you are subscribed to our marketing newsletter, and you should get some very soon. Enjoy!


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