Can you order food delivery to hotel?

Sure you can! When we said that we had the best online food delivery service in Switzerland, we meant it. Wherever you happen to be, we give you the complete freedom and flexibility of ordering from any restaurant in your area. Maybe the hotel doesn&single_quot;t offer food, or maybe you&single_quot;re vegetarian and every single dish seems to be laced with at least a tiny trace of meat. Or perhaps you know a great restaurant in the area, but really don&single_quot;t want to leave your hotel room to go eat from it. Whatever your excuse may be, we got your back! When ordering to a hotel, there are a couple of extra steps to be taken in addition to the ones normally taken when placing the order to your house. First of all, make sure that you mention your room number in the additional details section. You can also include the floor number or any other details that might be important in getting the food to you. Also, please make sure that you leave your phone number with the additional details, just in case the delivery guy runs into any issues when delivering the food (the doors are closed, etc…). And that’s all you need to provide. We’ll have your food delivered right to you to satisfy your heart’s content. P.S: It’s not just to hotels. Our partner restaurants also do office food deliveries as well as deliveries to all sorts of places?


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