How do I remove my credit card from the website?

Want us to delete your credit card information from our website? Relax, we never store it in the first place. Online payments are handled by our secure payment processor Ingenico, which is one of the best payment gateways in Switzerland. Ingenico stores your credit card information securely and links it to so that you don’t have to type in your credit card details every time you want to order something. However, if you don’t even want Ingenico remembering your credit card details, then you most certainly have the option to do so. See, since we don’t store your credit card information, you have to actually go to Ingenico’s gateway in order to make it forget your card. But don’t worry, all you have to do is to create a fake order and proceed to payment. So just head over to the pineapple pizza you know you will never buy, add it to your basket, proceed to checkout, select credit card as the payment method and in the screen that proceeds this selection, you can tell Ingenico not to store your card information. How? By deselecting the checkbox that says “Remember card for next time”. Uncheck it, then hit “pay now”. That’s it, you don’t have to go any further. You’re good.


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