How do I reset my password?

Yeah, yeah, I know all about it. You typed in a password once upon a time a long time back, then set your browser to remember your password every time you visited the site. So now that your browsing history is all gone, your browser doesn’t remember it anymore. You’ve tried typing in every password you could ever think of, but all you get is the annoying red text telling you that your password is wrong. No worries! In the internet age every single website has a way to get you back into your account, including ours. You might have already guessed this, but hitting the “forgot password?” link is definitely the way to go. Once you click on this link you should be redirected to page where you can enter your email address. Just enter it in, and we’ll email you a secure link that you can use to update your password. Since we like to keep things simple around here, this is all you will need to in order to change your password. If you don’t receive this email instantaneously, please check your spam folder, although it is quite unlikely it’ll end up there. If you don’t get an email at all, then contact an email at When you open the email, you see a big blue button “reset password”. It should lead you to the secure link where you just have to type in your new password, confirm the password, then make sure that you don’t forget that password. So that’s all it takes. All you have to do is go right ahead and start your online food order from the best restaurant near you.


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