How to pay with Credit card?

Paying for your food is quite simple and intuitive and it should take only a few seconds to do an online food order by credit card. On the checkout page, simply select the method of payment as credit card (Visa, American Express, or anything else you might have). Upon selecting the payment method, you should see a screen allowing you to enter any voucher codes. If you happen to have any voucher codes, this would be a good time to enter them and we’ll discount your purchase right away. Whether or not you have a voucher code, clicking on pay now should redirect you to the payment gateway. If you need to change your payment method, you can use the link below the pay now button to do so. Once you are redirected to the payment gateway, you can now enter your card information. The cardholder’s name is whatever name your card is registered with. Don’t worry too much about this. It’s mostly used for reference and mistyping a letter or two won&single_quot;t disturb the process. Next, type in your card number. This should be the number displayed on the front side of your card which is typically 16 digits long. Next, enter the expiry date of your card. Clicking on the box should open a drop-down menu where you can select the month and the year that your card will expire. The expiry date of your card can also be found on the front of your card. Please make sure you select the date in month/year format. Finally, enter your card verification code. The card verification code is an additional check that ensures that your card is not being used by an unauthorised person. To get this, look at the back of your card. It should have three digits there. For a visual representation, please click on the “What is this?” link next to the box. Please double check the card number, the expiry date and the card verification code since these are quite important in making sure that your payment is processed successfully that there are no delays with your food. If you are having any trouble with this process, please call us at 0848 74 99 21 and we can gladly assist. After this, all you have to do is confirm your payment and once it is accepted, your food will be right on your way to you!


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