I have allergic food reactions/special requirements. Can I let the restaurant know?

bsolutely! If you have any allergic food reactions or anything else such as specific religious requirements, you can add them as additional information on the checkout page. If you’re thinking ‘how do I get the best halal food near me’, or where you could get kosher food in Switzerland think no further. You should be able to see the checkout box once you specify your delivery address. You can also type in any other special requirements outside of allergies. But if you forgot to type in your special requirements, or had a situation where you didn’t know that one of your friends had special allergy requirements, and you happen to have already placed the order, you may still be able to have the food changed so that it matches your requirements. Just call up the restaurant and let them know. You can get the phone numbers of our restaurants by navigating to the restaurant page on our site, where all the details should be listed. If for some reason you are unable to get through the restaurant’s number


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