I received a discount code. How to use it?

Good for you! Now that you are eligible for an online food order discount, you should start off by ordering something. One small thing you should keep in mind is that Foodmenu.ch vouchers can only be used when ordering using credit card or PayPal, which means that you should select a restaurant that accepts payment using one of those methods. Don’t worry though, there are barely any restaurants that only accept cash; plus, credit card and PayPal cover just about every other payment method. Whether or not you understood what I just said may remain a mystery forever, but that’s totally fine. Bottom line is: if you click on a payment method and see the box to enter your voucher code, then it means that your order is eligible for a discount using that payment method. If you don’t see that box, then it means you should probably go ahead with a different payment method. All you have to do now is enter your voucher code, then click on “Apply”. If your Foodmenu.ch discount code is valid, your purchase should get discounted immediately. Happy Feasting!


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