I&single_quot;m not satisfied with my order /got the wrong order. What can I do now?

Oh dear, you ordered a shrimp taco and got a pineapple pizza! Now, now, before you start questioning reality and what it means to be a shrimp taco, just contact us. Stop worrying, we can get you your shrimp taco just fine. Called us up? Not yet? Well, just go ahead. We know, you&single_quot;re probably standing in a pit of despair, struggling to find meaning in life as the reality around you crumbles to dust. But just a simple call should help. But in case the reason you are not satisfied with your order is not because we got the order mixed up, and because the correct order came to you but the seasoning was a little off (or something like that), still make sure you call us. You could also choose to call the restaurant directly. The restaurants&single_quot; phone number can be found on our website where you ordered the food. We know that the food won’t always come out just right, and we also know that you might decide your complaints about the food might not be urgent enough to require you to interact with another human. If you feel that way, simply drop us an email at info@foodmenu.ch, and we’ll get right back to you. Please let us know what was wrong with the dish, or if something you ordered was missing, or if you ordered a pizza Quattro stagioni and only got tre stagioni. Whatever it is, we are all ears. In addition to this, you can also leave a rating on your order so that other customers can see what you think about the restaurant. You should receive a link in the email where you can review the restaurant.


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