I want to know the exact time I will get my food

Quite frankly, no one knows the precise answer to this question. Not even the delivery guy. That being said, we should be able to give you a rather accurate estimation of the time your food will be delivered. In fact, you should be able to see the approximate delivery time right when you place your order. You can totally trust it. We have an in-house soothsayer that predicts the delivery time of your order (jk, not really). Under any case, the best delivery time confirmation should come directly from the restaurant you ordered from. The second we transmit your order to our partner restaurant, we check the time they can actually deliver. That time is included in the confirmation email you receive from us. You should also receive a text message on your phone if you have not unchecked that option while checking out. The delivery time you receive in the email is the most accurate delivery time (considering that a freak snowstorm doesn&single_quot;t pop up out of nowhere), and it varies depending on the time of day and the distance from you to the restaurant. Please allow a 10 minute grace period, since even though we try to offer you the fastest online delivery service, there can still be issues.


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