Is there a minimum order?

Once again, that depends on the restaurant. Most of the time, there is a minimum order which is usually quite a reasonable amount. The minimum order limit is in place to ensure that you get the best deal when considering delivery costs and service charges. After all, transparency benefits everyone. Of course, we keep encouraging our partner restaurants to reduce the minimum order quantity so that you can enjoy good food in small doses, something we have been quite successful in accomplishing. Nevertheless, you should understand that a minimum delivery cost is a necessary evil that eventually benefits you, the restaurant and the delivery service in providing you the least expensive food in Switzerland. Regarding a maximum order quantity, there is no such thing in place. However, if you go ahead and order food for a massive feast two hours in advance, the restaurant might have some issues processing such a huge order. In case you have a very big order, please feel free to still go ahead and make the order. Once we pass the message over to our restaurant, they will let you know if the delivery is possible or not. If it is possible, you&single_quot;ll get the confirmation email and SMS. If it isn’t, the restaurant will directly call you to let you know.


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