My order is late. Where is my order? What can I do?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, strike a meditative pose and think of all the good things in life. Then pick up your phone and directly call the restaurant you ordered from. The information on the restaurant including its phone number can be found on our website and you should be able to get through to them very easily. However, if you are having trouble getting through to them because the line is busy/number doesn’t work/any other reason, please contact us so that we can sort things out for you. Please understand that although our restaurants aim to provide the fastest and most efficient services, there may be cases where stuff like adverse weather conditions and road accidents may end up getting your order’s delivery late. Under any case, if you repeatedly keep getting bad delivery service from any particular restaurant, just let us know by dropping an email to We take our customers opinions and preferences very seriously and aim to fit our services to our customers’ needs at every possible moment.


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