There are no restaurants in my area!

Oh dear! You really got your hopes up about getting the best food delivery at the best prices on Switzerland’s best and largest food order platform, but then you don’t seem to find any restaurants you can order from in your area! All you see when you type in your postal code is the rather disappointing “We do not have any restaurants listed” message. There is a reason why we are the largest food online platform, and that’s because we have more than 1900 restaurants registered in over 3500 postal codes all across Switzerland. So you living in an area that doesn’t have any of our restaurants really miss a stroke of bad luck. But don’t worry! When we say that we are the largest, we mean it. So, if you know a restaurant in your area and think it should be up on, don’t hesitate to suggest it to us. Simply drop us an email at, and we’ll get back to you very quickly. Every day, our commercial team wanders around every part of Switzerland getting restaurants, both big and small, to join our platform. But, naturally, Switzerland is a big place, and there might be parts that our commercial team is yet to wander in. Either way, we keep adding restaurants and postal codes every day, so even if there are no restaurants in your area right now, it’s not going to be long before they start popping up. So just stay tuned!


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