What are the management fees?

The management fee is a very small amount we charge to keep the platform at its best. After all, running the food order app for iPhone, Android, the website, as well as all the staff to keep the wheels of Switzerland’s best food order platform running can get quite expensive. We also manually review every single rating given to each and every restaurant to ensure that you know exactly what type of service to expect when ordering. In addition to this, we are constantly updating our website to reflect the comments and feedback given by our users so that they can have the best and most user-friendly experience when on our platform. We also need to keep our efficient hotline working. The amount we charge of each order is 2.4%, which is a calculated amount given by our Nobel Prize-winning mathematicians (who we keep locked up in a broom closet). They came up with this percentage because it would not affect you as a customer, while also providing us with enough income to keep everything going smoothly. The best of both worlds! As a side note, please note that the fee we charge is not a credit card commission, but a service fee.


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