What do I do if I don’t get a confirmation email?

So you’ve completed your order and have been waiting for quite some time, but you can’t see anything in your inbox that looks remotely like a confirmation email. So uhh… check again. Still nothing? Now go ahead and check your spam folder. But what if your spam folder is empty (except for the email you received a year back about how the Royal Bank of Scotland wanted to give you a million pounds)? Ok, firstly, how long has it been since you placed your order? If it is just a minute since, then you might want to consider waiting a minute more. In fact, check your inbox now, you might have just received it. Or maybe now. Still nothing? At this point, you should probably call us. And we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Because that’s how we maintain our number one status as Switzerland’s’ best food delivery platform. By making sure our customers are happy. P.S: If you did find our email in your spam folder, then you might want to consider whitelisting us. Actually no, don’t just consider whitelisting us. Do it! If you don’t, we will get very, very sad. That, and you also might miss out on any discounts and special promotions on food orders you can get near you that we may email you!


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