What food can be delivered in Switzerland?

Any type of food you like! Our partner restaurants have over 35 cuisine types and more than 300,000 dishes, with over 1900 restaurants covering over 3500 postal codes all across Switzerland. Whatever your tongue desires, we can have it delivered straight to you. If you’re feeling like you want something spicy, just head over to the website, or the mobile app, and order right away! Next, I would take a moment to mention the variety of dishes that can be delivered across Switzerland. And why is variety important? It’s because it’s something that most restaurants lack. Of course, it’s understandable, after all, how many dishes and one restaurant fit in itself? Not many. And even if they do give you a wide range of selections, you might not find exactly what you want to eat. This problem is even worse if you happen to have a couple friends over and they all have different tastes. Perhaps one of them is vegetarian, and requires vegetarian food, while another eats so much meat you begin to think he’s carnivorous. Then we all have that friend who won’t eat anything unless it burns every cell of your taste buds, and you yourself happen to have a sweet tooth for food. It’s at moments like this you need to be able to order across a variety of dishes that fit all of your needs. And that’s what we here at foodmenu.ch are experts at doing! So, throwing a party? Order away!


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