What is the food delivery cost?

As with most things in life, it depends. Sometimes you find out that things you thought were expensive didn’t turn out to be so, and things you thought were free turned out to be expensive. Well, you can be assured you won’t experience that when ordering food from Switzerland’s best ordering platform. Whatever the delivery cost is, we show it up front. No hidden charges. If we say that delivery is free, it means that delivery is free. Not free "plus taxes", not free as in "gets added to your total anyway". Free. That’s it. So yes, depending on distance and the restaurant you order from, you might be entitled for free food delivery. This could happen in cases where the restaurant itself has its own delivery service, or they happen to be running a special promotion. The other alternative is that the restaurant uses an independent delivery service providers. In this case there will most likely be a delivery fee unless the restaurant covers the delivery costs by itself. Under any case, the delivery fee should be a small amount and much less than the price of your food. In addition to this, increasing the amount of food you order won’t increase the delivery cost (unless you’re ordering food for a party of one hundred people, or are as hungry as a "Chindlifresser"). So, where can you get to know what these delivery costs are? The information should be shown when you’re ordering as well as on your cart. This is because we don’t want to try and trick you into buying anything. Our business is based on trust and transparency. It’s what makes us the best delivery service near you.


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