Which food delivery service is best?

There are many great food delivery services out there, but it would be quite impossible to test them all out. Plus, the quality of the food delivery services vary from region to region. Here at Foodmenu.ch, we stress on two things the most: creating a delicious meal that tingles your appetite, then delivering that delicious meal to you right on time. This is why our partner restaurants keep themselves affiliated with the best delivery services in Switzerland to ensure that you, the customer, gets the best experience possible. Most restaurants working with us have their own delivery service, which is generally a much more personalised restaurant-to-customer interaction. Those restaurants that use a third-party delivery service to get your delicious meals to you have been given incentives to ensure that their delivery service is top class. These incentives come in the form of a “local hero” restaurant badge. The local hero restaurant badge is given to restaurants which continuously maintain more than 80% average, both in terms of the food it makes and the quality of the delivery service. If you see a restaurant with the local hero restaurant badge, then you can be assured that the restaurant has not only a great food delivery service but also great food. So when it comes to the case of the best food delivery service, the local hero restaurant should be a very strong contender. Have any questions or complaints about how your food gets delivered? Check out the help section, or drop us an email at info@foodmenu.ch. We love to hear from you!


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