Why isn’t my review about the restaurant not showing up?

I want you to pause a moment here and convince yourself that your comment was not ignored. In fact, the reason why your review is not showing up is exactly because you weren’t ignored. In addition to being Switzerland’s best food ordering site we could also say that we are Switzerland’s best restaurant review site. Why? Because the reviews and ratings we have of our partner restaurants are extremely accurate and they do a very good job of reflecting the current state of the restaurant and its food. And how do we make sure that every review is taken into account and that the restaurant rating is perfectly accurate? By reviewing every single review! It’s sort of like a… meta-review. Yes, it isn&single_quot;t a simple task to manually check every single review that comes our way, but we didn&single_quot;t become the number one food ordering platform by being lazy. We also only show the reviews of the past 90 days so that the restaurant’s real status can be measured in real time, and you can only review a restaurant after actually ordering something from it. We have a couple of policies and rules when posting comments about restaurants. You have to make sure that your comment isn’t offensive, that you don’t compare among restaurants and that everything you have written is true. To analyse you comment, it make take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours, but if your review isn’t showing up after this period, please let us know by emailing info@foodmenu.ch.


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